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Designed for the modern international traveler, Orbister offers an all-in-one app that allows you to access global mobile data and VoIP calls, enjoy destination insights from city guide contents, and stay updated with your flights and airport information—all in a single application, providing an extraordinary trip abroad and elevating your experience.

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How does Orbister's eSIM works?

4 easy steps
  • 1

    Check device compatibility

    Verify if your device is compatible with eSIM technology and unlocked from your original carrier. Check the list here>

  • 2

    Buy your data plan

    Select the Country or Region according to your destination and choose a data plan that meets your needs.

  • 3

    Install your eSIM

    Download App, read QR Code and follow the installation instructions. You can find them on the e-mail we sent you after the purchase or in the App to complete the installation.

  • 4

    Activate your eSIM

    Follow the activation instructions and upon reaching your destination, your device will automatically connect to the internet network, enabling you to begin using your data plan immediately.

Benefits you need to know about Orbister

Global Coverage

You can access to multiple networks in more than 150 countries.

No roaming charges

Avoid surprise charges from your original carrier, making it easier to control data usage costs.

Data Sharing

You can share data using your device hotspot with your friends & family and to any other device.

Customer Support

Personalized assistance at any moment and during your entire journey with us.

Cost Savings

Competitive rates compared to standard international roaming charges or purchasing local SIM cards in each country visited.

Flexible Data Plans

You can choose a plan that suits you best and always add data plans during your trip accordingly to your needs.

Still using your preferred App's

Enjoy Orbister's data to keep using your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Bank, Maps, OTAs, etc.

Maintain your WhatsApp number

You can stay connected with your loved ones while we provide mobile data to your device.


Access global mobile data and VoIP calls while enjoying destination insights from city guide contents, and stay updated with your flights and airport information— All in one App!

Maintain your original SIM

The digital eSIM will remain active simultaneously with your original SIM. While the eSIM handles mobile data, your original SIM enables you to receive and make analog calls.

Global Unlimited VoIP Calls

Cost-effective and accessible communication, connecting with people & services around the globe without worrying about expensive international charge, complementary to WhatsApp.

Instant Delivery

You will receive your Esim via e-mail in seconds after your purchase and you can install immediately and activate as soon as you need - Just in a few minutes!

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